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Foreclosure on the Fourth Estate

  • A new work by Kimberly Krautter that examines how public communications have effected public policy from Benjamin Frankin and the pamphleteer press to the yellow journalism of Pulitzer and Hearst and thru to the age of Talk Radio and The Internet. It further takes aim at the impact of 20th century marketing and public relations as information agents and brokers. This work is in progress.


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Strategic Communications Consultant


Thanks for visiting my Blog. I'm Kimberly Krautter, and I've been a strategic communications consultant for 19 years. During that time I've also worked as a freelance reporter. I began my career at CNN and later wrote for a variety of business and lifestyle magazines.

In 1992 I started the political and public relations firm 13th Generation Strategies which develops customized account teams for our clients. We believe there are only three questions in good communications: What's your story? Who needs to hear it? and How do they need to hear it?

On the personal side, some people call me the "Anti-Coulter." I've got to give Ann credit, she puts herself "out there", and that takes moxie and commitment. As her pal Bill Maher says, "You've got to admire someone who isn't afraid to get booed." I believe we cannot afford to let the boos subside out of assignation or benign resignation. Apathy is an STD (socially transmitted disease). So, urged by family, friends and colleagues, I've finally decided to toss my hat into the discussion ring--and risk getting booed. I look forward to your posts.

This blog debuts on my dad's birthday. He is the first person to challenge my notions and to teach me to think critically. He has always been supportive of my writing endeavors. I hope this is a fitting tribute to the most frustratingly brilliant man I've ever known.

(Special thanks to C.Noel, a great photographer even with the poorest subject.)


All of those things that mom told me shouldn't be discussed in polite company: politics and religion, specifically the history of those subjects and even more so, how sex and sexuality have played a part in that history.